Outdoor Blinds for Business Store Fronts

Outdoor Blinds for Business Store Fronts

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The storefront of a commercial property is just as important as the product that is being sold. Without the proper display, recognition and business will dwindle. Think of it in the sense of retail merchandising. When you see an aesthetically pleasing display in a store, you’re generally more inclined to look at what’s being displayed.

The outcome of this is to persuade shoppers to impulse buy one of the products in the display. If a person or a group of people are walking around and a storefront looks appealing, they’ll be more inclined to walk in. The same goes for those who drive by the storefront every day. Outdoor blinds in Melbourne can be a permanent marketing tactic that silently urges potential customers and past customers to visit.

The Benefits of Blinds for Business

Much like a merchandising display, the awning on a business storefront serves as a marketing visual. Whether you choose something that’s brightly coloured and noticeable, or have a sign printed to make brand recognition easier, outside blinds are important. With a permanent and durable way to advertise your storefront, you don’t have to waste money on a light up sign that’ll rack up energy costs and maintenance costs.


Incorporating a noticeable awning can allow your storefront to become a visual landmark for those interested in your business, and those passing by who can become interested. If you have more than one physical location, adding matching awnings to each storefront can create a cohesive theme between stores.

When selling merchandise like clothing, displaying it in the window of the store allows customers to see what you have to offer. Unfortunately, these pieces can be damaged and discoloured due to the harsh rays of the sun. By incorporating an awning, you not only protect your product, but you allow the pieces to be seen in all their glory.

Energy Efficiency and Small Businesses

Don’t forget about weather and energy costs. Awnings will provide an immediate reduction in heat gain from the sun by shading and sheltering the storefront. If your storefront faces south, outdoor blinds can reduce the amount of heat your storefront soaks in by 65%. It can also eliminate up to 77% of the energy soaked in.

In Australia during the warmer months, you’ll need all the cooling power you can get to attract customers. Incorporating an awning into the storefront will allow a cooler atmosphere without the air conditioner even being on. The reduction of heat in a storefront will lower energy bills by quite a few dollars and put more money into the product you’re selling.

More importantly, if you sell a food product and have outdoor seating, no one wants to be sitting in the sun or shivering in the rain. Awnings can provide protection while allowing customers to have a breath of fresh air. Storefronts having shelter are proven to do good business with those passing by who get caught in a storm or heatwave. Shelter will urge them to buy a drink to cool off or warm up in return.