Boiler tube manufacturers in India increased their production capacity


Boilers are closed vessels used for generation of steam by supplying heat energy to water. By the application of boiler tubes the steam is generated. Various kinds of energy sources such as fossil fuels, nuclear fuels, biomass and solar energy are used to generate steam. Boiler tube suppliers provides these boiler tubes in major quantity to the various kinds of the industries ranging from basic industries such as Sugar, Paper, Textile, Dairy, Engineering to more complex such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical & Fertilizers, Power Generation and Nuclear Industries.

 In the industries various critical process are goes on which involved very high temperatures and very corrosive environments. Carrying out such processes the material use for pipes should be resistant to high temperatures and very corrosive environments which results the high project performance and profitability of the plants. So these boiler tubes are manufactured using alloy materials which possess both high temperature from the flue gases and high pressure steam generation within the tube. The use of high temperature heat resistant alloys improves the supercritical steam quality for better HRSG efficiency. Also, they allow reduction in volumes of material for fabrication. All these features lead to positive economy benefits. Boiler tube manufacturers in India approved these tubes by IBR (Indian Boiler Regulation). Boiler tubes is known as the ‘Work-Horse’ of the Power Industry and widely used in the industries.

Boilers are consists of these boiler tubes which are further categorized as utility boilers and industrial boilers based on their respective applications. In developing countries power plants installations are increased so it increases energy demand which resulted in boiler demand market in boom. Many part of the world dominates the utility and energy boilers market with rising demand for power generation as well growing oil and gas industry. Growing population and rapid industrialization in all over the world has increased the demand for power generation due which is a major factor contributing to the demand for utility of boilers. As these boiler tubes are also very cost effective and always low in price has very much in demand. So, boiler tube manufacturers in India increased their production capacity.

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