Things to Look for as you Pick a Self Storage Facility


When looking for a storage facility, you will need to consider many things. You will want to store your valuable items in a facility that ensures their safety and security. Ensure that you make your decision based upon the entire storage experience instead of on the price alone.

Do not Take Price as a Deciding Factor

A lot of people have the first thought of choosing the cheapest storage unit they can find so they can some money. However, know that a higher storage unit price often means more security features at the facility such as fencing, cameras and keypad access. Also, there may be an onsite manager of six to seven days every week or the facility provides more features and options like a variety of unit types and sizes as well as online payments.

Spend Time Touring the Facility

Ensure that you choose a facility that fits your needs. You can do this by taking a tour of the facility. A storage facility which boasts of its look and keeps all things in great repair and working order should be the best pick. This kind of facility is expected to have better customer service and strongly cares about each tenant. The following are some of the things that you will check out when touring the facility.

Storage Facility

  • Overall condition- Does the facility have enough light at night? In case you plan on visiting your storage unit late at night or early in the morning, ensure that you can easily see everything. Also, the facility must be neat and clean without any trash lying around. You do not want to drive over something lying on the road when you visit your unit and damage your car.
  • Buildings and Doors- The facility needs to be in great shape. Holes could mean leaks or rodents. Ensure that you find obvious issues and stay away from the facility that has broken and damaged items.  Do not forget to check the unit doors’ latches. They should be in great working order and must be rusty. Your lock will be placed on the latch in order to keep your stuff secure and safe.

Storage Facility

  • Variety of self storage units– The storage facility needs to provide a variety of unit sizes. You probably need a 10×10 drive-up unit now; however, what if you actually need the bigger 10×30 as you sell your home later? Surely, it will be awful t move from a storage facility to another. It is great to have the options to add or change a different unit later in case you really need it. Your chosen facility must have a lot of sizes from 5×5 to 10×30.
  • Security Features- You will wish to ensure that your belongings are safe as you leave them in your storage unit. Make sure the entire property is fenced. Also, it must be in great repair without any broken pole or cuts and holes.

Storage Facility1

Does the facility have a locked gate that h as keypad entry for accessing the place? With this feature, only those with storage units can get inside the facility as an access code will be required so they can enter through the gate.

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