8 Advantages of Sandblasting Guns


Sandblasting is a process used to clean or roughen a surface with a stream or a jet of sand driven by compressed air to engrave, cut or clean stone or glass and other substrates. Sandblasting involves the use of a wide range of equipment such as sandblasting nozzles, sandblasting cabinet, shot blaster, liquid blaster, sandblasting hose, portable sandblaster, suction feed sandblaster and  pipeline sandblasters to name a few. Sandblasting guns are a relatively popular choice of sandblasting equipment; the following are advantages of sandblaster guns.

Are easy to Operate

The process is fast and fairly easy both to a professional and an amateur because the sandblast guns are not sophisticated and can be handheld depending on the size. Make sure you follow the safety precautions. When used inappropriately, they could cause bodily harm.

They Are Efficient

The guns clean a number of materials and structures. Whether for home renovations, cleaning rusty tools or sports equipment, the guns can be used to clean various surfaces.  Depending on the surface you are working on, you can have impressive results.

Offer effective Cleaning

The gun quickly removes corrosion, carbon build up, heat treatment residue, mill scale, and coatings by passing a high-speed mixture of air and abrasive thus proving to be effective for perfect cleaning. They are precise and can clean delicate materials.

A bit comfortable to Use

The sandblasting guns are biotechnology machines that maximize productivity by reducing fatigue when used as compared to other sandblasting tools. They are manufactured in a way that reduces discomfort ensuring that you get easily fatigued when you use it.

Operation pressure

The guns have a comfortable operating pressure of about 6.7 bars. The low pressure reduces the work hardening of surfaces and warping of thin parts. Working with low pressure is beneficial because there is no excessive breakdown of the abrasive media and the cutting rate is improved.

Do it yourself Use (DIY)

The guns do not require professional operators. A consumer uses it whenever he or she wants provided they learn the basics or use the user manual. This makes the sandblasting option inexpensive and cost saving.

Are weight Friendly

The sandblaster guns come in different sizes. Most are fairly light weight making them portable and user-friendly. Also, this is an economic benefit because one doesn’t require car hiring services to ferry the equipment.

Can adjust the Nozzle

There are up to four different sizes of nozzles for different sandblasting jobs. The types and lengths of the nozzle inlet and outlet determine the velocity of the abrasive material. A user adjusts the nozzles depending on the material he or she is working on.

Sandblasting is an entire process that involves a number of parts working in conjunction with each other to achieve one goal. If you are ever in need of sandblasting guns whether as a replacement or buying the whole thing ensure you have quality equipment. Make your sandblasting project easy, fun, and safe by using the right equipment to get the job you want to be done.

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