16 Essential Pillars of Human Resource Management

16 Essential Pillars of Human Resource Management

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Human resource management is a must have division of any business. It is the human resource management that makes a business run more smoothly. With this being said, there are several areas in which human resource management is going to be responsible. Many people are under the impression that human resource management is nothing more than the hiring of new employees for a company. However, they are much more than this.

16 Pillars of Human Resource Management

Within human resource management, there are 16 essential pillars of the field. These pillars include:

  1. HR Administration
  2. HRIS
  3. HR Policies & Procedures
  4. HR Consultancy
  5. Performance Management
  6. HR Projects
  7. Recruiting & Onboarding
  8. Management Development
  9. Compensation & Benefits
  10. HR Strategy
  11. Employee Relations
  12. HR Managing
  13. Industrial Relations
  14. Change Management
  15. Talent Management
  16. Legal Compliance

Not every company is going to need all 16 pillars. However, this is a sampling of just what an HR division of a business could accomplish.

How These Pillars Solve Business Problems?

For those companies who do not have a dedicated HR team, they will find that overall business operations tend to run smoother, and employees are often happier with having a division within the business that is going to be devoted to them. HR consultants are working for the business, but they are also devoted to employee relations as well, as can be seen with the talent management, as well as the compensation and benefits pillars that HR management offers.

With this being said, there are several issues that HR management is going to solve. Here are a few examples:

  • The need to fill vacancies in upper level management positions within a business
  • Employing a method for hiring new employees
  • Helping to deal with legal issues that may arise, whether they be due to an employee or the business itself
  • Handle complaints from employees and find methods to stop these complaints from happening

Of course, HR management, adapts to whatever situation that may arise in order to give the business the best results that are possible.

It is the goal of HR managers to ensure smooth operations. Through the use of these 16 pillars, they become the backbone of what the HR management firm can offer to a business. For example, reputable human resources services offer these services to whatever business needs to have a dedicated HR staff within their company. Those companies who have the dedicated HR are often the businesses that have a high rate of success in the market.

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