Various Uses for Shipping Containers


In recent years, shipping containers have enjoyed a dramatic increase in popularity as people have discovered a myriad of new uses for them. While shipping containers were originally designed and used to transport large loads of goods and materials across oceans, they are now used for many other things. People are using containers as workshops, storage solutions, and even living quarters. There are companies that specialise in modifying shipping containers to perform entirely new functions.

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Container Hire

Shipping containers are incredibly useful storage solutions. The containers are extremely strong and durable, because they were designed to safely hold items in rough or dangerous conditions for long periods of time. People are finding that hiring a container for short or long term storage can be an ideal solution. If you are thinking about storage solutions, you may find that a shipping container is a good fit for your needs. Depending on how much storage space you need, you can contact a container hire company to ask about shipping container dimensions and find the one that will work for you.

Shipping containers storage solutions

Shipping Container Modifications

One of the benefits of shipping containers is that they can be modified in many different ways to meet project requirements. You can find a shipping container company that will work with you to customise a container to meet your needs. Simple modifications include such things as painting a logo or brand name on the side of the container or adding a personal access door. More complicated modifications include changing a shipping container into a workshop by adding workbenches or shelving, power points and lights, and a ramp for a trolley. Other modifications could include a ventilation system or windows.

Shipping Container Modifications

Specialised Containers

If you need a container that fits a specific set of requirements for business or personal use, it’s best to contact a shipping container company that performs customised modifications. A good container company will have professionals who will listen to your requirements and find the best solution to meet those needs. You could find a side-opening container, or one that has secure openings at both ends. There are even open-top containers. Such specialised containers can have a variety of uses. If you think a shipping container with specialised modifications could be the right solution for your location or project, it’s best to contact a supplier and work together to find the best option.

Specialised Containers

There are other types of specialised containers as well. One example is refrigerated containers. These units can be bought or hired and generally have the capability to operate at a range of temperatures. If you are using the container for food storage, be sure to find one that is ‘food-grade’ rated. Another type of specific-use container is one designed for dangerous goods. These containers are specifically designed to store items such as paint thinner, oils, liquids, or Class Three flammable objects. If you are hiring a container to be used with any sort of dangerous items, it’s important to ensure you know the legal and safety requirements and find a container that meets them.

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