Preparing for the future: how Quantum from RL360° can help you plan your finances


If you want to avoid financial problems in the future and enjoy a good standard of living in retirement, you’ll need to plan your finances carefully. One product that can help you to do precisely this is Quantum from Isle of Man-based savings and investment specialist RL360°. This policy can enable people to grow their wealth to cover future expenses ranging from the educational costs of family members to property improvements. It can also help people to boost their savings for their retirement years.

Tax efficient and capable of maximising returns, Quantum can make preparing for the future easier.

A long-term but flexible solution

This product is a long-term investment, but it is highly flexible too. Available with a minimum monthly premium of just GBP200 for premium terms of 10 years or more, it allows you to increase your payments at a later stage. Alternatively, you can decrease your premiums once your initial allocation period has come to an end. Also, after this period has passed, you have the freedom to take a break from premium payments for up to 2 years. Giving yet more flexibility, Quantum allows you to pay in lump sums at any point if you want to top up your savings.

In addition, you can make withdrawals of money if you need to after you’ve completed your initial allocation period. This can be done on either a one-off or a regular basis. Regular withdrawals can be taken as a fixed sum or a percentage of your fund value and you can arrange for them to occur monthly, quarterly, termly, half-yearly or yearly. Being able to access your money in this way can give you added peace of mind.

Your choice of funds

Quantum provides you with access to an impressive selection of funds too, meaning you should be able to tailor your policy to suit your investment preferences and your personal approach to risk. The product enables you to choose from a broad menu of asset classes, investment styles, geographical sectors and currency denominations. With the help of your financial adviser, you will be able to build a portfolio of funds that matches your goals.

You can find out more about the product by checking out Quantum reviews and researching the policies online.

Royal London 360° was established in 2008 and it changed its name to RL360° after the completion of a management-led buyout in November 2013.

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